Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hot Sexy Chefs 2011

10. Marcela Valladolid
TV Shows: Mexican Made Easy
Cookbook: Fresh Mexico

9. Rachael Ray
TV Shows: The Rachael Ray Show, 30 Minute Meals, Week in a Day
Cookbooks: Look and Cook, The Big Orange Book, Rachael Ray 365

8. Sandra Lee
TV Shows: Sandra's Money Saving Meals, Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee
Cookbooks: Semi-Homemade the Complete Cookbook, 128 Quick-to-Cook Meals

7. Casey Thompson
Restaurant: Brownstone Restaurant & Lounge
TV Show: Bravo's Top Chef (Season 3 and Top Chef: All-Stars)

6. Gail Simmons
Editorial: Food & Wine Special Projects Editor
TV Show: Judge for Bravo's Top Chef series, host of Top Chef: Just Desserts and host of KitchenDaily's Pantry Project.

5. Cat Cora
Restaurant: Kouzzina
TV Show: Iron Chef America
Cookbook: Cooking from the Hip, Cat Cora's Classics with a Twist

4. Giada De Laurentiis
TV Show: Everyday Italian,
Cookbooks: Everyday Italian, Giada at Home, Giada's Kitchen: New Italian Favorites

3. Padma Lakshmi
TV Show: Host of Bravo's Top Chef series
Cookbooks: Easy Exotic, Tangy Tart Hot and Sweet

2. Nigella Lawson
TV Show: Nigella Express
Cookbooks: Nigella Express, Nigella Kitchen

1. Jaden Hair
Blog: Steamy Kitchen
Cookbook: The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook

Sumber: slashfood

Serius sy peminta tegar Nigella Lawson..
Dia satu2nyer chef omputih yg suke makan cili..
(aiskrim vanilla pon dia siap curah cili ..sape lg yg sanggup??)
I salute for her Asian taste.....Long live Nigella

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