Monday, November 21, 2011

Ideas: How to Deal with Stupidity

Hiyaa !! Lets check few ideas from 'witty' person on how to deal with idiot guys..

Just keep quiet. A stupid person is fueled by conversation. Never ask them a question, it will encourage them to try to think! When forced to be near stupid people, hearing them, and watching them can be very hard. But just try to enjoy the performance rather than critique it! If you begin to feel your brain cells dying, take a quick break to do a crossword puzzle!

 Jacob K:
 I can get angry with the multitude of idiots sometimes too. The way I react depends on what they're saying or doing. If I think it's important I try to figure out what they're thinking and try to correct their behaviour or what they said. If they make no sense, I don't react, I just ignore them, I won't give them the satisfaction of having someone spend time on them, so I won't bother.
 If it's something small and not too annoying I try to put them on their place with witty remarks, which makes them look like a fool. But I leave it at that, and I don't dwell on it. I just tell myself I'm way better than them, and they'll never breed enough braincells to even understand *that*.
 They're idiots, don't waste your precious time and energy on them.

 They drive me to insanity! I am constant annoyed by those fools with nothing better to do than make an a** of themselves and me. I am interested in any ideas of how to deal with these fools. Don't give me anything to advanced because if you give an idiot something to complicated they crush it then shove it in your face. Whenever I am annoyed by pests of this sort I ignore them. But ignorance isn't exactly bliss. Rage bottles up inside me and it gets to become a very heavy burden of self control.

Ms. Blackcat:
 Take a deep breath, shake your head and laugh to yourself. I have to deal with stupid people all day long and if you don't find humor in them, you will give yourself an ulcer. Either that or your head will explode. Life it too short to let them get to you.


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